Guest Post: An Ode to To-Do Lists and the Governor’s Ball Music Festival

Long time no post – sorry kiddies, I’ve been busy doing this thing called ‘planning a wedding’ and ‘having and job’ and between the two, I’m left with little free time. But, I am very excited to welcome today’s guest post from Kurie Fitzgerald. Kurie and I went to Temple together and met our freshman year. We’ve been friends ever since. Check out her awesome post about crossing off one of the big items from her 2013 ‘to-do’ list.


To-do lists are essential to my existence.

I’m pretty sure this is one of the reasons Niki and I have extended our friendship beyond college, we know, and love, “to-do” things.

This year, I decided, with a bit of inspiration from this blog’s 213 and 2013 Project, to make a yearlong to do list of my own. Some highlights include taking the GRE’s (wish me luck, I’m taking them this weekend!), taking a trip to visit my college roommate in South Korea, running a 5k and attending a music festival.

I got some of the less colorful activities (like going to a financial advisor) checked off the list first so I could get out and make some memories. This past weekend I was able to make some great memories and check attending a music festival off of list. It was a weekend full of mischief, laughter and an overall unforgettable time.


The Governor’s Ball NYC is an annual three-day music festival that hosts some big-name artists and a slew of smaller acts. I loved their lineup this year, and wanted to share some of my favorite performances.


So, here goes my Governor’s Ball best of list:

Local Natives—were phenomenal. I’m like the Broken Social Scene, and Local Natives remind me of them (I implore you to listen to Broken Social Scene’s You Forgot it in the People for reference).  Breakers is my favorite song that they played:

The Best Coast—played such feel-good, chill music, despite the hellacious rain engulfing the crowd. They put on a fantastic show. Many of their lyrics are angsty, and I am not ashamed to say I relate to nearly eveyr word. Check out their song Girlfriend, and you’ll see what I mean:

Kendrick Lamar—is one my favorite artist right now. I saw him in Baltimore last year, and could not have asked for a better show, although he definitely out did himself at the Gov Ball. Some of his best music is from his older stuff, so check out Overly Dedicated first if you’re interested.


Finally, The xx. If you can, see them live. They are phenomenal, and I am sure most of the crowd felt the same way. Not much more I can say here except to listen to their music. One of my favorites is Angels:


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