#21. go on a picnic

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone. Hopefully your weekends were full of jellybeans, Easter dinner and time with family.

Nice dress.

Nice dress.

Before I get into how Mike and I spent a beautiful Saturday in D.C., I’ll preface this post by letting you know that we spent nearly four hours Friday night in the Emergency Room. Everything’s fine now – but Mike did have a little scare. I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of him in his adorable hospital gown.

People watching and creepily snapping pictures.

People watching and creepily snapping pictures.

We figured the weekend could only go up from there and we were right. We had originally intended to do some major list-kicking this weekend. Our plan was to pack up a picnic, go down to the giant Kite Festival on the National Mall, fly a kite and check out some cherry blossom trees. Three things in one day – I was clearly aiming for over achiever status. It sounded like the perfect spring day… in theory.

Word of advice to anyone interested in attending any sort of major festival in D.C. during peak tourist times: don’t drive. For the love of god, do not drive. After making our way to the farmers’ market and Whole Foods in downtown Silver Spring to pick up some picnic goodies, Mike and I hopped in the car with our big quilt blanket and tote bag full of food excited for a day of relatively cheap fun.

Fast-forward two hours later: no parking anywhere, continually stuck behind large masses of high school students crossing the street at invisible crosswalks, me yelling at Mike for not being able to fly the car above the masses of people and create a parking spot out of thin air, Mike gripping the steering wheel in an attempt not to yell at me for being ridiculous, etc., etc. You get the idea.

Behold... the spread.

Behold… the spread.

We scrapped our plans for going to the kite festival, mostly in fear of killing each other, and decided we could at least still salvage the picnic part of our afternoon. We drove over to ol’ faithful – our usual grass knoll spot right in front of the waterfront in Georgetown. After paying to park in the world’s tiniest parking garage (which took 30 minutes to do with all the maneuvering, mind you), we finally got out of his car and ran across the street to set up our picnic.

My two favorite food groups: bread and cheese.

My two favorite food groups: bread and cheese.

Farm fresh berries.

Farm fresh berries.

We found a nice spot parked between a PDA enthusiastic couple, a group of women with their babies and a man with his scruffy dog. After laying out our blanket we wasted no time whipping out the goods – pineapple chunks, strawberries, comte cheese (one of my favorites!), a french baguette, chips, water and of course – a cupcake to finish it all off. We spent the next two hours sprawled out in the sun, dozing off, people-watching, munching on snacks and enjoying the first signs of spring. After we finished our meal, we went down to the waterfront and fed what was left of our baguette to the dozen or so ducks that scarfed it up with appreciation. It was, albeit for the few bumps in the beginning, an absolutely perfect afternoon and one that I won’t soon forget.

So pretty I almost (almost) didn't want to eat it.

So pretty I almost (almost) didn’t want to eat it.

In the beginning of our relationship, Mike and I used to go on picnics all of the time. I was a broke high school student and he was just plain broke, working at a music store. So we made do with what little we had. Instead of shelling out the big bucks for a fancy dinner we’d find creative ways to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company – and it was those dates that always turned out to be my most favorite.

This 213 in 2013 list was created with the intention of reinventing myself – little did I know that it would work wonders for Mike and I’s relationship as well.  After seven years together, sometimes there is nothing better than revisiting how it all began.


2 responses to “#21. go on a picnic

  1. As much as I was sorry to hear about Mike’s hospital visit (I texted him the minute I read about it!!), I’m glad you guys were able to have a great rest of your weekend! Your picnic looks delicious 🙂

    Were you able to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival yet? It’s on my list and I’m coming down with my friend Stacy this weekend to check it out for my ‘100 in 2013’!

  2. The cherry blossoms hadn’t bloomed yet sadly, so I’m taking my friend Jess and her boyfriend Tim this weekend since she’s coming down on Friday for her birthday! Maybe we’ll run into each other? 🙂

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