#15. a valentine’s day special: write 20 things i like about someone

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone, or as other’s like to call it – Happy Hallmark or Singles’ Awareness Day. Even though I’ve had a Valentine for the last seven years, I am not one of those girls who gets excited over the so-called “holiday.” In fact, I get pretty annoyed at all of the couples who make us taken girls look bad when they bitch about only getting 6 roses instead of 12 or Russell Stover’s  chocolate instead of Godiva.

Just a couple of goofs.

Just a couple of goofs.

I’m not going to try a cliché blog post about love being something that should be shown 365 days of the year, because you already know that. And that doesn’t just go for significant others I’d like to add – that goes for family and friends as well, the people who are there for you every day.

Because Mike and I are both pathetically broke this year, we’re not doing much out of the ordinary, although that’s been practically every year (last Valentine’s Day we celebrated with pizza. Clearly, he knows the way to my heart).

On my 213 in 2013 list, I wanted to write a list of 20 things I liked about someone and give it to them. I think people like to hear about all of the little quirks they have that make others smile. So I figured it would be the perfect “gift” for Mike – a small, yet sincere and heartfelt way to let him know the many reasons why I love him.

I was even lucky enough to be graced with a big heaping pile of #10. this morning. I’m definitely spoiled. As I’ve said before and I’ll say again – it’s the little, sweet, everyday gestures that make love as great as it is. The ones that you know will make your special someone smile. Not the rush to buy a bouquet of roses because you feel obligated to.


Better than any pancakes you’ll ever eat. No, seriously.

Here are 20 (+1) reasons I have the greatest guy in the world.

things i love about you

20 things I love about you:

  1. Your prowess and unmatched talent with even the most challenging crossword puzzle.
  2. The way you sing along to every Steve Wonder song, eyes closed – head swaying.
  3. Your ridiculous musical talent and ability to pick up any instrument and teach yourself how to play it.
  4. That you let me be the big spoon.
  5. That you can never stay mad at me for too long without letting me make you laugh or smile.
  6. Your housekeeping skills and your understanding that I have OCD about dishes, beds that are made and laundry that is folded.
  7. How funny you can be when you’re not even trying. Confession: you’re much funnier than I let on.
  8. Your ugly cry. And how funny, and adorable and absolutely endearing it is and how it can turn even the most emotional moments into awkward, hysterical ones.
  9. Your crooked tooth. It gives your smile so much more pizazz than anyone else’s I’ve ever seen.
  10. How you always manage to make the most delicious, fluffy pancakes that are way better than those at any diner or restaurant I’ve ever been to.
  11. The way you hug me like you’ll never get to do it again. Every single time.
  12. Your patience – even with my most outrageous demands or temper tantrums. Your ability to see through my craziness and love me for even my worst parts.
  13. That you never let me win at the games we play just because I’m a girl. You kick my ass in Scrabble and checkers and I love you for it.
  14. Your thoughtfulness. Whether it comes in the form of a pint of ice cream I’ve been talking about craving or that you spent your day off from work cleaning the apartment – I appreciate every single thing you do.
  15. Your guilty face when you know I’m mad at you with your sad puppy eyes. You know it’s my kryptonite.
  16. That you have absolutely no athletic skills whatsoever, but it never keeps you from attempting to dunk a basket like Michael Jordan.
  17. When we’re driving and you randomly reach over and grab my hand.
  18. All of the things my friends and I make you put up with, from driving us around to listening to our garbagy gossip.
  19. When you sing in the shower and fill up the apartment with the sounds of soul, funk and jazz with your voice.
  20. That you make the perfect “Love Shack” karaoke partner and help us steal the show everywhere we go.

And one extra, for the road!

  1.  That you have been my karaoke partner, secret keeper, punching bag, source of comfort, joke teller, partner in crime, best friend and love of my life for the last seven years.

Thank you for everything you do to make this life the best life it can be. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.


One response to “#15. a valentine’s day special: write 20 things i like about someone

  1. I really REALLY loved this!! You are a wonderful writer and ponderer (if that is even a word, but you get what I mean :))

    Thank YOU! 🙂

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