#12. win a game of trivia

I am a vessel of random, mostly useless facts. My brain is like a sponge in the worst way, meaning I will absorb information that for the most part, will never serve a purpose. That is, until a game of trivia comes along and that weird factoid taking up valuable space in my brain comes in handy. This is why I put “win a game of trivia” on my 213 in 2013 list. So I can make use of years of half-watching Jeopardy games, hours of reading news articles and my strange obsession with memorizing things like all of the state’s capitols. And last night, the Funkie Duckies brought home victory.

These rubber ducks actually exist somewhere on the internet...

These rubber ducks actually exist somewhere on the internet…

As you can probably gather from my previous post, these past few days haven’t been the easiest. So a night of cheap drinks and trivia with an awesome group of people was exactly what the doctor ordered. Luckily, Blackfinn, a bar in downtown Bethesda holds trivia night every Wednesday with different themes ranging from 80s pop hits to 90s sitcom shows. Last night’s theme, in honor of the recent passage of Groundhog’s Day, was all about none other than Bill Murray.

While I have seen several of Murray’s blockbusters like Groundhog Day, Caddyshack and Ghostbusters, I am by no means a Bill Murray expert. So the chances of winning seemed pretty slim to none. As we waited for the game to start we slid into a booth and drank martini after martini after martini (okay, maybe that was just me actually, but hey – it was brain fuel) and chowed down on your typical bar food of wings, fries and burgers.


The game finally started and the first round was general trivia. After failing to come up with anything witty for our group name, we settled on the Funkie Duckies. The questions ranged from AMC’s most viewed television premiere to the mass of a human brain and we all piped in eagerly each time one of us knew the answer to a question, feeling a sense of self-worth for absorbing that random fact some time years ago.

Round one was a breeze and we came out victorious. To show for it, we won a free round of shots (no idea what it was but it tasted like whiskey and maraschino cherry juice) and a Bud Light koozie. Not bad.

The next round fired up – 10 questions about Bill and his most memorable movies and roles. I chimed in once or twice but Mike was clearly the Bill Murray master and didn’t even look up to ask us for help the majority of the game. It’s times like that when I realize maybe his hours of perusing IMBD articles are worth it.

Round two wrapped up and again, we were declared the winners. More free shots except this time it looked like the toilet water in a porter potty and tasted like it too. But free is free and the taste of victory made it go down a little bit easier.

Still feeling queasy after this one.

Still feeling queasy after this one.

The third and final round was by far the hardest. The host played clips of songs from movies made famous by Bill. The obvious ones like Caddyshack, Ghostbusters and Little Shop of Horrors were easy. The others left us stumped and I knew there was a slim chance of us winning the third round in a row. But to lighten the blow of our imminent loss, “I believe I can fly,” made famous by Space Jam came on and the entire table participated in an obnoxiously loud and embarrassing sing-along with hand gestures to match.

We lost the final round but were declared the overall champions and scored a $50 gift card, which we are saving for our next trivia night.

I didn’t get into bed until 11:30 last night and I knew I was going to be exhausted for work the next day. But Bill Murray, free shots and R. Kelly sing-a-longs are the stuff of life and should never be missed for a few extra hours of sleep.


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