Make 2013 an awesome year — for someone else


While mindlessly switching between my Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook tabs last night, I saw a tweet from one of my favorite people, Rainn Wilson (come on, who doesn’t love some Dwight?) about helping Kid President make 2013 a more awesome year. Being on this “I’m making 2013 my best year ever” kick, I was naturally intrigued and followed the link.

I had never heard of Kid President before until I watched his most recent video about his 2013 “Awesome Year Challenge,” but I immediately fell in love and his idea for taking the time to make someone else’s year “awesome” is one that deserves a lot of praise. I know we should all be focusing on ourselves, making choices and decisions that will make us healthier, happier and more successful… however, that doesn’t mean we can’t all take some time to make another person’s life special, even if the gesture is small (like giving a high five.)

Check out the video. Do you have any ideas to help make 2013 an awesome year for somebody else?

Be sure to follow Kid President on Twitter @iamKidPresident and use the hashtag #awesomeyear with ways you’re making 2013 more awesome than ever.


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