#1. learn a new language

I took Spanish for three years in middle school & absolutely hated it… probably because I was still full of resentment towards my parents for not letting me take French. Something about it not being “practical.” I didn’t want to take French because I thought it was practical. I wanted to learn it because the sheer thought of the beauty of the words wrapping around my tongue and leaving my lips was irresistible.Ā  I wanted to be that cool, sexy girl with a cigarette hanging from her mouth, a glass of red wine in hand, whispering something about Hemingway and Stein in the world’s most beautiful language.

But instead I sat in a cramped, worn desk while listening to Ms. Hernandez yell at me about my inability to roll my r’s.Ā  The only time I ever enjoyed the class was when she brought in empanadas. I think I pulled off a C average. The only things I can remember now are hola, adios and of course, gato.

Fast forward to high school, I enrolled in French and spent the next three years falling in love with the language and the culture. I studied French artists, musicians and cuisine. I began dreaming of truffles, macaroons, unevenly paved side streets and jazz musicians filling the night air with the sounds of their trumpets and saxophones. I became a francophile. A Parisian at heart. So much so that I went on to spend five weeks studying French at the Sorbonne two summers ago.

I think learning a new language is one of the best things you can do in life. It unlocks an entirely new world for you, giving you access to a culture you had until this point only read about in National Geographic years ago. It connects you to the global community and broadens your understanding of the billions of people around you.

language course

Learning a new language isn’t easy though. Which is why I’m starting this item from my 213 in 2013 bucket list early — so I have time to make the necessary dedication. I found this awesome deal on Living Social — only $25 gives you access to Livemocha’s online language learning portal for six months, with 38 languages to choose from. I’m still debating which one I’m going to take up but once I decide I’ll update you on the progress I’m making.

If learning a new language this year is one of your goals, check out the deal and consider taking the plunge. FOX News offers some great tips for those who wish to learn a new language — be sure to check it out.

Don’t forget to make today, and every day after count, whether it’s learning a new language or taking that painting class you’ve always wanted to. Because if not now, when?



2 responses to “#1. learn a new language

  1. i guess it’s all about enjoying what you learn šŸ™‚

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