holiday pinspiration

This morning when I hopped on Instagram and saw my friends’ pictures of snow covered trees I was hoping I’d wake up to the same winter wonderland. Instead I pulled back my curtains and saw grey skies, wet streets and cold rain. Bah humbug. But not even the cold rain can contain my obnoxious excitement and holiday cheer – Christmas is less than a month away!

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my love for the holiday season. I start listening to Christmas music on Thanksgiving. I begin my ritual of hot chocolate and Christmas movie marathons. I drive down winding streets to bask in the Christmas lights. I consider picking a Christmas tree an art. And I decorate. Boy, do I decorate.

Every year, without fail, I spend money I probably shouldn’t and bulk up my Christmas décor. Cute snowmen? Check. Sparkly reindeer? Check. Cinnamon-scented pinecones, Christmas tree candles and Santa galore? Check, check, check.

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Growing up, one of my fondest childhood memories was helping my mom unpack the endless boxes of Christmas decorations every year. I’d spend the entire weekend after Thanksgiving helping her hang lights and mistletoe and candy canes. We’d drink hot cocoa, listen to Jingle Bells and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree on repeat and we’d decorate until our fingers were numb from all the thumbtacks and sticky tape.

So, from an early age, I aspired to have boxes and boxes full of Christmas cheer. Boxes full of tinsel, and nutcrackers and porcelain figurines. For the past four years I’ve been foraging, finding, collecting and buying the perfect holiday trinkets for my home. It’s my hope that one day… (not anytime soon, trust me), my own daughter will spend hours going through these boxes with me as we sing carols and sip cocoa in our festive pajamas.

Thanks to Pinterest (I feel like I thank that site at least twice a week), I found a ton of “home for the holidays” Pinspiration. What I love most was that so many of these DIY projects seem so simple (and even better) cheap!

Check out the projects I’m hoping to work on in the coming weeks:

Wine bottles ~ spray painted, sprayed with adhesive and rolled in epsom salts

5 Minute Tinsel Garland Wreath

Canvas Christmas art project

Which project should I get started on first?

Merry Pinning, everyone!


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