penny pinspiration

I hit the snooze button three times this morning… two times more than I usually do. I think it was knowing that Mike has off today and that he’d be nestled in bed for a few more hours that made it so difficult to get up. Or because I have no winter clothes and dread having to run to the car in my pencil skirt as my legs turn into popsicles. Either way, this was not my morning.  But that’s okay, because the weekend is right around the corner and I have a nice date planned with my couch and my snuggie — at least for Saturday morning, that is.

So, today I’m in need of a bit of Pinspiration. Remember that awesome coffee table project I was talking about a few weeks ago? The one that caused my fingers to be stuck together for days at a time after I’d come home and spend hours laboriously spray painting pennies and super gluing them to my table? Well… I got half-way finished when Mike accidentally put a huge, unfixable, gaping hole in the corner of the table. I guess you get what you pay for with IKEA.

Rest in Peace, penny table.

So, after we tediously scraped off all the pennies from the broken table and replaced it with a shiny new one, I have about $5 worth of spray-painted pennies and need some inspiration for what to do with them! I’m not going to even try touching the table project again, as I feel that hole was a sign that maybe I should just let it mind its own business.

I’ve done some searching on Pinterest of course for more penny project ideas and have found a few that I like. Here’s what I’m considering:

Something like this would be fun for the kitchen/dining room area. AC Moore and Michael’s carry these big letters for a reasonable price. Plus this seems much less tedious than covering a huge coffee table.

Talk about serving guests in style… I love the idea of eclectic party ware and this seems like it would be especially fun now that the holidays are coming up.

I have a ton of old vases stuffed in a million places throughout my apartment and most of them just sit in the dark, collecting dust. This seems like a fun easy way to add some personality to an otherwise boring piece.

So – which of these penny projects do you think has the potential to be a hundred dollar idea? Any other cool projects you’ve seen floating around? I’d love to see them.

Whatever I do with these 500 pennies, I need to figure it out…and quick. Because finding them strewn across my apartment, hiding in my shoes and now sitting in my shower thanks to my two little home wreckers won’t be cute for much longer.

Sophie… playing innocent. I know she’s really the penny prankster.

Happy Pinning Everyone!


2 responses to “penny pinspiration

  1. That’s such a bummer about your table! I’ve been putting pennies aside for a while now. Eventually, I’d like to do the “EAT” project…eventually….

    • Yes… definitely a bummer about the table. And I totally get the “eventually” comment. I have a list of about 30+ Pinterest projects that I wanted to get started on, some of them months old!

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