a time of recovery

Last week I took a break from blogging. Not by choice, but because in the wake of Hurricane Sandy – I’ve been incredibly busy.

I never once lost power during the storm. The most that happened in my area was a few tree branches falling down, and a bent stop sign. In other words – I was incredibly, incredibly lucky.Driving down the street, you would have never known that Sandy even stopped through.

Which is why I feel so far removed and find myself in such disbelief when I watch all of the news coverage of homes ripped in half and streets so flooded the only way of travel is by boat. I spent hours flipping through the various stations, showing mothers clutching their children as they weep, crying that they have lost everything. Their lives, their memories, all of it – now just debris floating on the streets, out to sea.

I can’t imagine that kind of loss – that kind of heartache. I have so many friends who have made their way out to New Jersey and New York, taking off work to help deliver gas, food, comfort and solace. It’s truly amazing how people come together in times of need.

My friend Lauren did a fantastic post yesterday about the ways you can help those in need in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. If you’re looking for ways to make a difference – check it out.

To me, one of the most heartwarming parts of the Sandy recovery process is the work that The Humane Society of the United States is doing to help relieve many weary pet owners as they begin to rebuild their lives and homes.

The HSUS currently has 30 staff members and volunteers deployed to help pets impacted by Sandy and in the two shelters we are helping run in Monmouth County, NJ and Nassau County, NY, we are caring for nearly 200 animals. The HSUS is also helping operate two Sandy Pet Rescue Hotlines for pet owners in New Jersey and New York City who were unable to bring their pets with them before Hurricane Sandy hit.

If you know anyone in NYC or New Jersey who need help reuniting with their pets, please make them aware of the two rescue hotlines:

New York City hotline: 347-573-1561

New Jersey hotline: 855-407-HSUS

To see the work that The HSUS is doing, check out the two videos below.

Get the latest information on pet-friendly emergency shelters and other local resources with The HSUS’s Twitter feed and Facebook page.

To support The HSUS’ work in this and other disasters, you can donate at humanesociety.org, call 866-720-2676 or text ANIMALS to 20222 and donate $10 to support The HSUS’ Disaster Relief Fund.

To those who are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy – my thoughts are with you as you begin the recovery process. Let this serve as a reminder to all of us how lucky we are for everything we have and every day that we are given.


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