so you’ve got a blog — now what?

I promised myself at the beginning of this week that I would post a blog every day, Monday – Friday, to try to get in the habit of becoming a more frequent poster. I don’t have the time today to write a thoughtful post – but I did still want to share something I found incredibly useful.

While I’ve been blogging for the past few years through PRowl Public Relations – this is my first time blogging solely on my own. I’ve been pretty excited about the stats my blog has been able to garner in the past five weeks including nearly 1,400 views, 25 followers, more than 100 likes and 40 comments.

However – I know those numbers are just merely scratching the surface. A colleague of mine was telling me yesterday how her friend’s blog gets 20,000 views… in a DAY!

As they always say – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Building a blogger following of that size takes a lot of time… and a lot of effort and promotion. Many times bloggers get too concerned about developing good content that they neglect to invest the time to build an audience to read it.

I found this great infographic about 30 ways to promote your blog from that was recently shared on PR Daily. Check it out and see if there are any tips you could be using to better grow your blogger following. If you have any additional ideas to share that aren’t included – I’d love to hear them!

Also – as I’m still pretty new to the blogosphere – I’d appreciate any blog recommendations that I should check out.

Happy blogging everyone!



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