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With all of this fitness and wedding talk, I have been completing neglecting my inner DIY diva. Or at least forgetting to write about it, I should say.

As homemaker as this may sound – with the stress that I have on my plate right now – there is nothing quite as relaxing as diving in to a good craft project and getting messy. Last week my fingers were covered in super glue, spray paint ran down my legs, mod podge wound up in my hair and the teller at the bank looked at me like I was nuts when I asked for $5… in pennies.

What’s even better? My fiancé Mike – although he won’t admit this to anyone (oops) – loves doing crafts with me now and quite frankly…he’s even better than I am at times.

If you weren’t already aware – my entire apartment is designed by IKEA. My dining room set, my coffee and side tables, my entertainment system, my bed, my dishes…

Coming straight out of college and moving into a new (much more expensive) place meant I didn’t have the funds to buy “real furniture.” So while I’m grateful to IKEA for outfitting my entire apartment for less than $1500….I also can’t stand the idea of my house looking like a cookie cutter cut-out of an IKEA magazine.

We’ve been working on a few projects these past few weeks and I wanted to show off the final products and the progress that we’re making on the IKEA lack coffee table from hell (I have a self-confessed problem with indecisiveness and have changed my mind at least 4 times about what I want to do with it. This has resulted in lots of stenciling and painting… and a lot of stenciling and paint removal).

While looking for DIY-IKEA-Lack table inspiration I came across a few blogs boasting about the transformational (and cheap) power of pennies.

Original DIY penny table inspiration

The problem was – it didn’t fit with my silver/grey, yellow & white color scheme in my living room. After Mike suggested using dimes (he didn’t quite think that idea through…) I figured it would be cheaper, albeit not easier, to spray paint the pennies silver. Which is exactly what we did. Equipped with $5 worth of pennies, multiple bottles of super glue and a can of metallic silver spray paint – here is the progress we’ve made so far on our DIY penny table. We’re only 1/4 of the way through – but it’s time consuming! So remember to be patient… this isn’t a project you want to rush through otherwise it will turn out sloppy.

DIY penny table in progress. We’re only going to do a border instead of covering the entire thing – I think it looks cleaner and bolder. What do you think?

My next project was inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest. My friends will tell you I’m a bit of a coaster-addict (nothing worse than a water stain) so I really loved the idea of making my own coasters (and for dirt cheap too). Here was the original Pinspiration:

Make your own coasters- 4×4 tiles ($.16 Home Depot); 4×4 scrapbook paper; adhere to tile with Mod Podge and let dry; Spray a coat of clear spray paint and let dry; attach felt pads to the bottom

And here’s how mine turned out!

Supplies needed: mod podge, cheap brush, scrap book paper and ceramic tiles. Total costs: $12. (Although I still have plenty of mod podge and scrapbook paper left over…so the project in reality was much cheaper! I have plenty of supplies leftover to make more coasters).


Finished product! Ignore the terrible lighting… these pictures were taken with my iPhone 3gs at night. Yes, I still have a 3gs.

I also have two IKEA side lack tables…one of which I spent some time sprucing up. The lighting on this is also terrible, so forgive me. Using paint and letter stencils… I etched my favorite e.e. cummings poem onto the table. It’s always a good conversation piece when people come over to visit and ask to read my table.

e.e. cummings “i carry your heart” poem painted on to my side table. sidenote: that adorable owl was $4 at Ross.

What projects have you been working on and where do you get the inspiration to feed your inner DIY diva?


One response to “pinteresting projects of the week

  1. You are so creative! I like the penny border, which creates a lip on the edge to make it harder to bump things onto the floor. Great side table with poem, too.

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