the friday five

Have you ever had one of those mornings where your alarm goes off and you scratch your head in confusion…thinking, that’s odd – it’s definitely Saturday. You roll back over, nestle your head into your pillows, content that you can sleep until whenever you want today until it hits you like a ton of bricks that you actually need to get up for work.

Luckily a little dose of Mr. Feeny in the morning and knowing my best friend is coming down tonight to visit for the weekend made getting out of bed for my last nine to five shift of the week much easier.

Anyways – here’s my Friday Five – or my five favorites of the week:

  • The Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl. That’s right…I’m taking up space on my blog to talk about how much I am in love with a bowl of chicken and rice (and a tiny, tiny bit of cheese). Besides it being mouth-watering delicious and addicting, (oh and way too expensive), it clocks in at around 360 calories. As someone who’s trying to lose weight and cut down on calorie consumption while still enjoying delicious food, it’s as if the fast food gods assembled and delivered me this delicious low-cal meal from the heavens. My stomach and my waistline are grateful for the occasional Mexican treat.
  • The Vice Presidential Debates. While I admittedly was peeved that my regular shows weren’t airing as a result of it (I’m not ashamed to admit I’m addicted to Scandal), the debate turned out to be sometimes informative but for the most part entertaining. What I think I enjoyed the most, besides Joe laughing and Paul’s goofy facial expressions, was watching my fiancé actually take an interest in politics for the first time in his life. It was interesting to watch the debate through Mike’s lens as he doesn’t identify as a liberal or conservative and was able to see the sense in both sides of the argument which is incredibly refreshing…well until Paul Ryan started talking about a little bean.
  • The Comcast On-Demand Workout Channel. I kind of hate going to the gym. Mostly because I hate the looks I get from other people (or maybe just the looks I think I’m getting), as I pant and heave and sweat on the elliptical with all of the fit people just gliding and glistening around me. I get to roll out of bed in the morning, pour myself a glass of water, push the coffee table out of the way and spend the next forty minutes feeling the burn. I’m obsessed with the different cardio dance workouts they offer, from jazz to hiphop to funk; within the next few months I’ll be ready to moonlight as a backup dancer for Brittney Spears.
  • Dog Shaming AND Cat Shaming Tumblrs. You read my post last week about how looking at pictures of adorable animals can increase your work productivity right? Well, I find looking at hysterically captioned pictures of adorable animals decreases stress, increases productivity and gives everyone in the office a good laugh. When I have a break between press releases and building media lists I like to surf through a few pages, share my favorites and brainstorm witty things I can say about my own two demon cats (which I never do).
  • Spending the weekend with my BFF4L. Sometimes I forget how long Anthony and I have known each other (nine years!) but whenever we’re together and no matter how long it has been since we’ve last seen each other, we always, always manage to have a good time – even if it means getting pneumonia in a downpour at the zoo and spending the night playing drinking games to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I have no idea what shenanigans we’ll find ourselves in this weekend but I know there will be plenty of laughs, which after a long week; I can certainly use a double-dose of.

What are some of your favorites from the week? I’d love to hear them! Here’s to a good week and an even better weekend everyone.



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