Highs & Lows

Before I moved to DC, I would try to go home every weekend for Sunday dinner with my family. Every weekend, my dad would wake up early to put the Sunday gravy on the stove and we’d spend the next few hours drinking wine, sneaking spoonfuls of sauce and filling up on bread and olive oil.

Around five o’clock, after the gravy had been simmering for at least six or seven hours, we’d gather around our old, worn dining room table and break bread together, telling my dad how he had managed to outdo himself again with the amazing feast he had prepared for us.

My favorite part of Sunday family dinner was when we’d go around the table and each share our highest moment of the week and our lowest moment of the week. Whether we had won an award at school or hadn’t done as well on a test as we had hoped, everyone around the table would share in each person’s triumphs and moments of defeat. With a heaping bowl of pasta in the middle of us, we’d create a circle of strength and support, sealed with Sunday gravy and a glass of pinot grigio.

While I may only make it home once every few weeks now, I still want to carry on the tradition of sharing my weekly high and low every Sunday. I figure what better place to share than this blog, where I can find support in friends, both old and new.


My low this week was how beat up and broken down I felt after coming home from work a few days this week. The workload was at times overwhelming and left me feeling drained and defeated.


My high this week was the quality time I spent with Mike, which I do not do nearly enough. I’m incredibly lucky to have someone like him who gives me the space I need and understands and accepts that I am a bit of a workaholic. I tend to put him last way too often and this week we made time to go explore DC and go out for a romantic dinner. We are getting better every day at finding ways to make our relationship a bigger priority. I’m thankful for the stroll through Adams Morgan, the candlelit dinner and the nights curled up in PJs, watching a movie. Each of those moments far outweighed my “low” of the week.

What about you? What are your highs and lows of the week? I’d love to hear them!


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