how do people make it through life without a sister?

Happy Friday, everyone!

While I always love Fridays and look forward to the weekends – I’m especially excited for this one because my sister and her boyfriend are visiting as a belated celebration for her 20th birthday. Her actual birthday was Tuesday, September 11. People always cringe when they hear that she shares her special day with one full of so much tragedy and heartbreak because as you can imagine – it isn’t the easiest of days to celebrate.

It’s hard to believe the same girl I used to throw dirt at and fight over PB&J sandwiches with is no longer a teenager but rather a beautiful, hard-working, independent woman and someone who I greatly admire.

I say all of this because I can’t name one person I know who has their life more together than she does, and she’s only 20-years-old. She began working at the age of 14 (as you’ll see from my previous post, my parents believe in a hard work ethic at a young age) and now works full-time as the assistant manager at Jos A. Bank. She and her boyfriend moved into their own apartment this past March. She goes to school part-time so she can become a teacher, preferably for special needs children. She drives her own car, pays all of her own bills as she has been for the past five years, and regardless of everything on her plate – she is always the first to lend a helping hand to whoever needs it.

She’s a shining example of what every person, including myself, should aim to be.

Yesterday she shared something with me:

“Having a rough day?

Place your hand over your heart.

Feel that?

That’s called purpose.

You’re alive for a reason.

Don’t give up.”

Did I mention she’s also wise beyond her years? Whenever I hear people complaining about my generation…about our selfishness, our lack of tenacity, our ignorance and inflated egos – I point to my sister because its people like her who are going to help change the world.

I’m just lucky to be able to call her my sister. And my best friend. I’m just glad I didn’t end up mailing her to China when she was a baby as I had so deviously planned. (Hey Rissy – I’m still sorry for sticking stamps in your mouth and putting you next to the mailbox…)

Expect a full weekend recap on Monday!

“To the outside world we all grow old.  But not to sisters.  We know each other as we always were.  We know each other’s hearts.  We share private family jokes.  We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys.  We live outside the touch of time.”  – Clara Ortega


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